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Protein powder

    1. Pumpkin seed protein powder
    2. Pumpkin seed protein powder
      Pumpkin seeds are rich in fat, with a large amount of unsaturated fatty acid, especially linoleic acid and pantothenic acid. The seed also contains pumpkin amino acid, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin C, chlorophyll quinone and so on. Improve blood cholesterol and triglyceride level and prevent arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases...
    1.  Flax protein powder
    2. Flax protein powder
      Protein content arrives to 10%-30% in flaxseed. The protein contained in the flaxseed is an edestin, which involves 18 kinds of amino acids. Compared with soy protein, flaxseed contains more aspartic acid, glutamic acid, leucine and arginine. It is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B and a large number of trace elements, having a high nutritional value.
    1. Sunflower seed protein powder
    2. Sunflower seed protein powder
      Protein content arrives to 40% in sunflower seed meal. The protein powder has a white luster, good taste, high nutrition, and could be well absorbed by our body. Sunflower seed protein powder can be used to cure depressive disorder, neurasthenia, insomnia and various heart diseases. Eating the protein powder could also improve our memory.
    1. Hemp seed protein powder
    2. Hemp seed protein powder
      Hemp seeds are one of nature's best sources for plant-based protein. It can be a perfect choice to increase your protein intake from a natural and vegan source. It packs a health punch of dietary fiber, chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants without any saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium or sugar.