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Our Development Course

In March of 2016
Our healthy cooking oil obtained an organic food certificate.

In October of 2015
Our cultivation base obtained an organic food certificate (plant production).

In July of 2015
Xinqidian obtained the patent for producing fatty acids through the molecular distillation with the use of unsaturated fatty acids. The patent number is ZL201110404714.5.

In June of 2015
Xinqidian obtained the ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

In May of 2015
Our company obtained the patent certificate for the production technology of alpha-ethyl linolenic acid microcapsule. The patent number is ZL201310322077.6.

In September of 2014
Our company was certified as a high-tech enterprise.

In March of 2013
We passed the Ecocert organic standard (ECO), USDA, and OFDC organic certification standards.

In January of 2013
We earned both Kosher and Halal certification. The certificate number is NO: 010-13.

In October of 2012
We obtained the EU organic farming certification, US organic farming certification, and China organic farming certification.

In March of 2012
We earned a patent certificate for the production technology of high-content linoleic acid with grape seed oil as the raw material. The patent number is ZL200910177261.X.

In November of 2011
Xinqidian earned the patent for the use of a stabilizer in alpha-ethyl linolenic acid/ alpha-ethyl linolenic acid ethyl ester, together with its production technology and application. The patent number is ZL200910091297.6.

In 2010
We were certified to plant the flaxseed by EU, US, and Kosher standards.

In 2009
Our flaxseed oil appeared on the market, and we obtained the organic farming certification of China, the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO22000 food safety management system certification, USDA organic certification, and EU organic certification for processing organic products.

In 2008
Xinqidian provided internship opportunities for students of China Agricultural University (located in Wei County).

In 2007
Xinqidian was established and obtained our business license.

Hebei Xinqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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