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Cultivation Base

Xinqidian independently owns a cultivation base, which allows us to cultivate and harvest raw materials for organic vegetable oil.

Flaxseed Cultivation Base
The flaxseed cultivation base is located in the Bashang grasslands, Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, China. It lies on the bordering areas of northwest Hebei and Inner Mongolia. Though the plateau itself is high, it does not have tall mountain peaks or depressions. From a distance it appears to be hills, but in reality, is primarily flat. Located in 41-42 degrees north latitude, the area is on average 1,200-1,400 meters above sea level. The large area has a cool climate, adequate lighting, fresh air, clean water, and no industrial pollution. The unique geographical and weather conditions provide the incomparable natural resources for cultivating organic flax, ensuring the flaxseed has a high oil field and purity rate. Our flaxseed cultivation base now covers an area of 66,666,667 square meters, which ensures the supply of raw materials for organic linseed.

Organic flaxseed has only one cropping each year, and we sow the flaxseed in late-May, and harvest it in mid-September. We choose the pure, lump, healthy organic seeds, and fertilize it with organic farm manure, with amounts determined by the soil fertility. We use no fertilizer or pesticide, which guarantees the high quality of our flaxseed.

Our organic cultivation base is inspected by Beijing Ecocert Sa, and the organization issued us the China Organic Certification for Flaxseed Cultivation Base. We have also obtained the organic certifications from EU and US standards, as well as those from other countries. Cultivation, harvesting, and even the processing of raw materials is all done under the supervision of certification, and equipment training for all production is carried out twice a year by certification authorities.

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